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Our Mission is to advocate for and promote sustainable housing for persons with developmental disabilities in a life enriching environment that fosters dignity and independence.

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Willakenzie Crossing Application Process For DD Applicants

Adults living with developmental disabilities are invited to apply for a 1-bedroom or studio apartment at the Willakenzie Crossing affordable housing apartments located at 3057 Willakenzie Road in Eugene, Oregon. The apartments, developed by our housing partner, Metropolitan Affordable Housing, Corp. (Metro Housing), opened in January 2012.

It is important for families/advocates to understand that a level of personal commitment is expected from them to provide natural supports at this supportive housing model, Willakenzie Crossing.

Step 1: Contact your Personal Agent (brokerage PA) or Case Manager (county CM) at:
  • Full Access Brokerage: (541) 284-5070
  • Mentor Oregon Mid-Valley brokerage: (541) 345-5151
  • Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services: (541) 682-3123

Ask for and review the complete information packet they have about SAIL Housing and the apartments at Willakenzie Crossing. If you want to apply, ask to complete a Life Skills Assessment (LSA) with your PA or CM.

Your PA or CM must make an evaluation and recommend you to SAIL Housing for independent living at Willakenzie Crossing. Your PA or CM will work with you and your circle of supports to evaluate and determine that you have the basic skills and ability to live in your own apartment with appropriate (paid for and natural) supports known to be available to you.

Using the Life Skills Assessment and other information available to them, the PA or CM will complete a case management referral form, as appropriate, and forward it to SAIL Housing. After verifying your eligibility, SAIL Housing will in turn refer you as a qualified housing applicant to property management at Willakenzie Crossing.

Step 2: Complete Pre-Application Rental Forms and Deliver to the Property Manager at Willakenzie Crossing

In addition to completing a Life Skills Assessment with your case manager as described in Step 1, all interested applicants/advocates are required to complete two pre-application forms as follows:

  • Section 42 Rental Application (one page)
  • LIHTC Applicant/Tenant Questionnaire (one page)

These two forms are also available from your PA or CM (Full Access, Mentor Oregon and Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services), or from the property management company, Affinity Property Management (see address below). Applicants/advocates needing help completing these two rental application forms may contact Affinity, their Personal Agent or their Case Manager.

Once completed, the two (2) pre-application forms should be delivered to:

  • Affinity Property Management
  • Willakenzie Crossing
  • 3057 Willakenzie Road
  • Eugene, OR 97401

  • Phone: (541) 636-4677
  • Fax: (541) 636-4693
  • Business Hours: M-F 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    (call for appointment)

Affinity will maintain a list of applications received in their office and will mark an application complete once they receive the SAIL Housing referral for the individual. Whenever an apartment unit becomes available for rent, the property manager will contact the next applicant on the list based on the date/time order the application was deemed complete.

Other questions regarding the Willakenzie Crossing apartments for persons with developmental disabilities may be directed to one of the following SAIL Housing board of directors:

About Willakenzie Crossing Apartments

A key feature to the success of the Willakenzie Crossing housing model is the “community” that builds among residents and their families and other natural supports. SAIL Housing facilitates this community environment where the residents and family advocates actively participate and support one another. In this collaborative housing model, the collective efforts of the residents and their families and supports enable and encourage the success of each individual.

SAIL Housing’s primary role at Willakenzie Crossing is to act as the interface between residents with developmental disabilities and housing management, individual and group services, and available community resources.

In awarding the Willakenzie Crossing project, the City of Eugene recognized the need for this model of housing, noting that the Willakenzie Crossing project “creates a unique opportunity to provide housing for persons with developmental disabilities in close proximity to educational opportunities and other services tailored to their needs.”

Visit the links below for local media coverage of this exciting event. We encourage those interested to revisit this website for future news and developments.

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