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Our Mission is to advocate for and promote sustainable housing for persons with developmental disabilities in a life enriching environment that fosters dignity and independence.

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Willakenzie Crossing Apartment Project Opens with 16 Studio and One-Bedroom Apartments for Adults Living with Developmental Disabilities

SAIL Housing is pleased to announce its partnership with Cornerstone Community Housing in the development of Willakenzie Crossing, an affordable housing project of 56 apartment units in Eugene, Oregon. Willakenzie Crossing opened its doors in January 2012 with sixteen of the new units made available for independent living by adults with developmental disabilities.

SAIL Housing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Our housing plus services model is designed to provide residents with developmental disabilities the supportive living environment they need to successfully transition to and maintain richer and more independent lives. The model has been successfully adopted in other Oregon communities ».

Who We Are

Supporting Access to Independent Living (SAIL Housing) formed in 2006 through the aligned interests of families, community members and local agencies to address the critical need in the Eugene-Springfield area for affordable and suitable housing where individuals with developmental disabilities » can succeed in living independently.

Our Vision

SAIL Housing is committed to creating safe and service-supported housing opportunities throughout our community where persons with developmental disabilities can succeed in living independently. We advocate an affordable housing model of specially designed communities of one-bedroom and studio apartments, with a separate community building where residents, families and service providers can gather for learning and social activities. This housing will be built and operated in partnership with non-profit developers who specialize in affordable housing in our area. SAIL Housing’s primary roles in development and operation will be to assist in special needs design, and to coordinate individualized and group support services for residents at the housing locations, as well as create and assist with access to off-site programs and community resources.

Living Independent and Productive Lives

Affordable Housing Combined with Supportive Services is Critically Needed

Because suitable independent living situations are in short supply and do not meet the needs of our community, a majority of adults with developmental disabilities continue to live with and rely on aging parents or other family members. At SAIL Housing, we are acutely aware that the day will come when these family members can no longer care for their adult children at home. What happens then? SAIL Housing is working hard now to save families and our overburdened public agencies from facing this inevitable crisis later.

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Individuals with developmental disabilities deserve the opportunity to become as independent as possible, to work and live in their communities and be productive members of society. For many, that includes the opportunity to live in their own apartment. Currently, there are two major barriers:

  • There is a serious shortage of affordable housing for low-income individuals, which includes persons with developmental disabilities. Access to housing wait-lists is often closed for long periods of time. Once on a list, wait times can be excessively long.
  • Limited housing placements that do occur offer little to no choice. Individuals living with developmental disabilities are often isolated in housing that does not provide the supportive safety-net that many need to successfully live on their own.
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